Bigfoot Sightings near Sequim, WA

Recent Bigfoot sightings in Washington state.

In February 2013, two fishermen near Sequim, WA reported hearing large footsteps as they walked out from fishing on the Dungeness River.  The Bigfoot sightings reportedly occurred while the Sasquatch was following them along the old logging road that they were using to leave the river.  The witnesses even reported hearing the Bigfoot quickly double-back on the route, and would reportedly stop shortly after the witnesses stopped.  Then the Bigfoot sightings witnesses noticed a full large foot print in the ground.  They noted that the print was larger than the size 13 fishing boot one of them was wearing, and the print was indented approximately 1/2 inch into the ground.  Two partial prints were also noticed.

Bigfoot sightings near river


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