Bigfoot Sighting in North Carolina

This past December a man had a Bigfoot sighting while hunting with his Dad in Nash County, NC. The man reported seeing a 7 1/2 foot tall hairy creature for about 5 or 6 seconds. The man reports that the creature never stopped and never looked at him, then disappeared into the trees. This creature had heavy muscle tone and was walking on two legs. The man reports that he never believed in Bigfoot before this encounter, but he does now. The man also recalls a recent report of a deer kill being stolen before the hunter could retrieve the body.

My take on this report. I am a fellow hunter and as a hunter I tend to frequent the same hunting locations and become very familiar with the terrain and inhabiting creatures. As I have discussed previously, I have had sounds that I couldn’t explain and even ran across potential Bigfoot tracks. I have been hunting when I have had a perfect shot on a deer. There was no reason for the deer not to be found, but I never did find it. I found large splatters of blood, but that was it. Was it stolen by a Squatch? I can’t say. I think if it was stolen by coyotes or something like that (even a black bear), there would have been drag marks in the ground. There was nothing like that. I find the detail of this report to be very detailed and I truly believe this witness. To see the whole story check out the BFRO.

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